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Grandfather Golf & Country Club Tee Revision

In collaboration with award-winning Golf Course Designer, Bobby Weed, I created this Unreal Engine project to help visualize a proposed revision to the 16th golf hole at Grandfather Golf and Country Club in Linville, North Carolina.

The objective of the revision was to relocate the tee boxes of the 16th hole to the east side of the fairway where a new clearing had been made.

The process began with comparing the proposed design sketches and examining satellite imagery to get a sense of proportion and scale.

Using Google Earth, I took measurements of the 16th hole so that I could convert the metric units into Unreal Engine's landscaping tools.

From this point, I created a layer-blended landscape material in Unreal Engine that would allow me to paint the different types of golf course grass on to the Unreal Engine Landscape. With this workflow, I was able to edit the shape and proportion of the tees, rough, Fairway, and green on the fly. 

Once I had an outline of shape of the hole, I added 3D tree models as well as the stream that runs through the course and submitted a draft image from the overhead perspective of the new proposed tee boxes. 

Bobby then sketched over the perspective image to implement his vision for the location of the tee boxes and rock swale. 

I then implemented those design changes here. Soon after, the deadline had approached for the project to be presented. Overall this project was a great learning experience in using my Unreal Engine skills for something a bit different. This project inspired me to learn more about the world of golf course design and landscape architecture. 

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