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Global Game Jam 2021 submission

In collaboration with a couple of SCAD students we came up with a fantastic idea for the 2021 Global Game Jam. The topic we were assigned was 'Lost and Found'. The gameplay premise of our game, Wobleck, was to throw around a small controllable robot that could fit into tight spaces that the player could not. Through this idea, we found some fun puzzle mechanics that worked with this idea really well such as throwing the robot like a basketball into a hoop and driving the robot onto pressure plates to make doors open and platforms appear.

Most of my work on Wobleck was spent making a fun main menu system, helping with gameplay design, making some little models, and also creating the original score/sound effects. This was my first time working in a team for game development and through that process I realized just how powerful it is to have a crew dividing up work between artists, programmers, designers, and musicians. Thanks to my team we finsihed the game right before the deadline and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Working with these talented students was such a fantastic and enlightening way of developing video games. Here are some screenshots and process images from wobleck. Be sure to check it out! The game is hosted on the brilliant @handley_shelton 's account you can download the game here

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