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The Errand - DevBlog #6

This week was slower in development. Most of my time was spent rearranging the locations of windzones, map boundaries, and polishing UI elements. I spent a few a hours further optimizing landscape foliage instances and lighting.

I really want The Errand to run smoothly on most hardware. Part of the optimization problems that I have been facing is a result of dense volumetric fog and abundance of particle systems. Balancing looks and optimization with these effects can be tricky. If you want these effects to look believable, but also be computationally inexpensive you have to be willing to compromise and devise workarounds.

After a solid amount of time tweaking the fog and wind particles, I found a happy place that was running reasonably well on my machine as well as looking pretty believable. With that out of the way for now, I spent more time writing narrative cues, producing sound FX and Music, and some general level scripting stuff. Overall there has been a lot of behind the scenes progress made since my last post, but not a lot of fancy new stuff to show off. I will recut the trailer for my presentation using some new footage.

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