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The Errand - DevBlog #3

Game Jam week is officially over and my focus is back on The Errand. Check out my teams jam game Liminal Threshold. There will be an additional blog post about the game's development and future plans later this week.

This week I worked the physics based mechanics of picking up and dropping the torch, as well as some of the logic with the fire. In order to carry the torch, you have to hold the mouse button down, if you let go you will drop the torch in the snow, causing the flame to go out, and needing the player to relight it. This feature is how the central gameplay loop functions: Keep the torch alive. There will be a wind mechanic as well that threatens to blow the flame out and knock the torch out of your hands which I will begin on this week. I have also included some changes to the lighting and atmosphere of the game. Here is a video clip of me testing the functionality of lighting the torch and picking it up.

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