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The Errand - DevBlog #4

Good news, the first development teaser trailer for the Errand is now available. Hopefully this will be the first of many.

How about that professional voice acting?

My main intention with the trailer is to convey the mood of the game and show off some of the environment art and stylization. I really want players to feel a sense of importance and urgency when they watch this trailer, and more than anything I hope it piques their interest.


As far as development goes, there has been some great progress with the fire and wind mechanics. Torches can be lit in fires and start other fires. The wind feature now functions as well. When the player enters wind zones, their torch will be blown around in their hands, and if the stay in the wind for too long, their fire will go out.

I have also made progress with the day and night cycle. The gameplay will begin in the late afternoon and will eventually transition into the night time. When night time is reached, the cycle will pause for the remainder of the game to cement the time cycle as only one night.

One issue I have ran into is figuring out how to slowly fade the aurora borealis effect in during the night time. The auroras need to cast a sufficient amount of fill lighting and I want to make sure that the transition between day and north lights is smooth and natural.

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